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Penzo+Fiore's Time


Penzo+Fiore is an artistic duo formed in 2009, who live and work in Venice.

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Andrea Penzo was born in Murano where he started his artistic experience in the world of glass, before encountering the world of contemporary art, while Cristina Fiore started her journey in the world of experimental theatre. As a duo Penzo+Fiore are confronted with the necessity to find a common language using a vast number of experiences ranging from installation to performance, from sculpture to photography.
Since 2016, with the exhibition “Disordine rigido” at the Fusion Art Gallery in Turin, together Penzo+Fiore returned to glass. Their objective was to give themselves an expressive limit at the base of their investigations which sprung from the concept of fragility inherent in the material itself. Moving away from the pre-eminent logic of Murano Glass that favours aesthetics and form over concept, Penzo+Fiore subvert its canons by using both Murano Glass and industrial glass, both worked directly but also simply chosen and re-contextualised as ready made objects.

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Fondazione Berengo

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