Curated by Lorenzo Balbi

06.12.2019 – 18.01.2020

Fondazione Berengo – Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

Fondazione Berengo presents the last exhibition of 2019 for the RADICAL cycle, conceived by Penzo+Fiore as an investigative tool for the contemporary, in which one thinks of glass, the main material of the historic furnace, not as an object but as a concept.

With Lorenzo Balbi’s proposal, one enters into the heart of a complex territory full of contradictions through artist Giovanna Repetto’s personal exhibition, Atmosfera. It is an unexpectedly current exhibition, which presents an in depth look at those urgencies which plague the city of Venice.

With Giovanna Repetto we find ourselves immersed in a site-specific exhibition that is not only skillfully placed in the space of the Foundation, but is also distributed in concentric circles in the wider lagoon landscape.

The research carried out by the artist challenges itself against the difficulty of tracing a history of contemporary space in the future, understood as a (geo)physical environment but also as a continually changing social, political, and cultural context. Humans, interact and change their ecosystem at an unimaginable speed these days compared to the times of evolution that have determined the geological eras or the evolution of animal and plant species.

Repetto’s investigation aims to obtain a photograph (understood as a document) that may narrates these stratified realities, these atmospheres, using different media such as videos, installations or complex projects. Intending space as an anthropomorphic image of humankind, the artist recounts a landscape through the link it has with those who create and live in this space. The artist thus tries to make tangible a new imagery of a moving landscape that cannot be mapped, because it is ephemeral, and exists only for a short period of time.

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Fondazione Berengo

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